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Star Citizen

  • What is the grey market?

    So what is the grey market, is is safe, and why does it even exist? I give you the insight on the grey market that most don't know.
  • Fleet week! and ships! expectations for week 5!

    3.9.1 will bring many changes for the better. and plenty to explore
  • 3.9 + Minor Combat and Meta Changes | What to Expect of Week 4

    Big changes in 3.9 meta will require players to update their loadouts.
  • 3.9 is LIVE! | What to Expect of Week 3

    3.9 brings lots of new gameplay but also some interesting challenges.
  • 3.9 in First Wave | What to Expect of Week 2

    The time between patches can lead to desperation. with bugs and 3.9 in reach players are seeking an alternative to their old play style.
  • 3.8 Combat Blog! | What to Expect of Week 1

    3.9 preparation leads to instability in combat AI, urging players to fight before their actions have consequences.