Post Purchase Guide

For Buyers

Once the buyer completes their purchase, you will have to wait for the seller to get online and firstly fulfill the order. The Buyer will receive an email when their order has been Fulfilled but this is just to let them know that their order is about to be delivered.

Then the seller will deliver the products via the email that is used for the buyer's Space Foundry account with the order and the buyer will receive an email when the items have been delivered as well.

    For Sellers

    The seller will receive an Email and SMS alert once there is a new order for them. They will then go into the Seller Portal and begin the order process.

    Note: Please make sure the payment is "Paid" and NOT "Pending" before moving on. You will see this on the order page and will also receive an email when the buyer's payment has been captured.

    First step is to Fulfill the order which can be done by clicking the Fulfill button on the order's page.

    Note: Only fulfill the order when you have the time to also deliver the customer their items directly after.

    The seller should use the buyer's email address to send the RSI gift. As a seller, you have the right to use their email for communication on the product only.

    Once the items are sent to the buyer, please update the order to Delivered. You do this by going to the order page and clicking the "Enter Delivery Details" button. Then check the delivered checkbox and enter in the current date.

      If you have any questions or concerns please message our Admins by filling out the contact form or sending us a message on our Discord server.