Star Citizen Verification Guide

We require all customers to go through our 1 minute verification process. This is to limit scam and fraud opportunities to create a much more safe and secure marketplace. If you are familiar with the SC_Trades subreddit, it is very similar to the way they verify their users.

1. Insert your Space Foundry Custom ID into your RSI Account Short Bio

a) Navigate to your Account Page, and copy your Space Foundry Custom ID which can be found in the Extra Information section.

b) Login to your RSI Account. Navigate to Settings > Profile > Short Bio.

c) Paste your Space Foundry Custom ID into your Short Bio.

d) Then click Apply All Changes.

2. Verify that your Bio has been updated

a) Please visit your RSI account profile to verify that your Space Foundry Custom ID has been added to your Bio.

b) Use this link "https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/INSERT_RSI_HANDLE_HERE" and replace "INSERT_RSI_HANDLE_HERE" with your RSI handle.

3. Fill out the Star Citizen Verification form

a) Go to your Account Connections page and connect your Star Citizen account. Follow exactly as the template provides on the form.

4. Wait for your Star Citizen account to connect on your Account Connections page

a) The light in the top right will turn from red to yellow to green during this process.

  • Red = Not Verified
  • Yellow = Pending Verification
  • Green = Verified

We run a verification for all pending users every 60 seconds. Please allow up to 5 minutes after submitting the verification form before troubleshooting.

Once you are verified, you can now purchase any Star Citizen related items on the Space Foundry Marketplace and become a seller!

If you are not verified within 5 minutes, please look below for troubleshooting.


If your Space Foundry Custom ID does not display on your RSI page after editing (a known bug):
  • View your RSI page externally to see if your link is present in your bio by going to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/ and add your handle name after citizen/.

  • Make sure the RSI page location information is complete (country , state / province, this is just to ensure that your Short Bio appears correctly).

  • Make sure your entire Space Foundry Custom ID is present and accurate in your RSI short bio.

If you have any difficulties during this process, please send a message to our Admins on our Discord server or by filling out our contact form.