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3.9 + Minor Combat and Meta Changes | What to Expect of Week 4

3.9 has seen many changes in it's short life time. From the big ones such as prison game-play to the small ones like shields which have had a good rework along with the infamous Mass Drivers that are seen in many loadouts in the Verse. These changes led to a major change in many player's layouts and behavior. For example the old meta of all ballistic repeaters have come back. Strife Mass Driver - Star Citizen Wiki

On the side note, AI has gotten a rework. Now ships actively scan and can also move at max speed and dynamically avoid collision. Expect some trouble with your next encounter with the new AI! This is most notable in the advocacy fleet. 

Onto the money making meta. The most high paying mission observed is to camp outside the prison and claim the 20k-30k bounties. Be careful on your next daring escape and make sure to hit the right targets on your next run!

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