3.8 Combat Blog! | What to Expect of Week 1

As of 4/16/2020. everyone is still stuck in 3.8 waiting for 3.9 to come out.

In between the time of 3.8-3.9, the servers on the Live universe have been experiencing abnormal behaviors. Here is what to expect from combat from the perspective of a mercenary in the verse.

As stated previously, the servers have been a mixed bag. This has led to an "interesting" PvE/PvP experience. This is most notable with the "boarding in action" missions that are found on Arc Corp and Microtech as the AI quality from the spawned cutlasses and the pirates inside can vary. This spans from AI standing still to forming blockades on the elevators and even to locking down doors. Even with simple single-seater craft missions, the dog fighting behavior can change suddenly, so don't let your guard down!

Some other note worthy events that I have noticed is that the community seems to have moved to a more PvP state towards the late stages of 3.8 with many more bounties and call-outs to be seen. When questioned, most say that they "want to have some fun" before the prison game play mechanic gets implemented.

In summary, the combat game play is active yet unpredictable as many players are willing to fight! Those fights will be great opportunities to test out a new ship you bought to see if it is the right one for you. Stay safe out there and never under-estimate your enemy.

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