Upgrade - Vanguard Harbinger to MOLE + 10 Year Insurance

Upgrade - Vanguard Harbinger to MOLE + 10 Year Insurance

Game: Star Citizen

Product Type: Upgrade

Insurance: 120 Month Insurance

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Description: Upgrade your Vanguard Harbinger to a MOLE with this Cross Chassis Upgrade (CCU)

This special Warbond Edition upgrade adds up to 120 months (10 years!) of insurance when applied.

ARGO’s pragmatic no-nonsense approach to ship design is celebrated in the unmistakable silhouette of the MOLE. Just one look at this machine and you know it means business. Tap into your full potential with the combined force of ARGO’s patented trilateral mining system. The MOLE has a total of 24 mineral pods, each holding 12 SCU. Eight pods are usable at one time – when they’re full, either head home or jettison them for collection by another vessel and carry on mining. Three independently controlled articulated extraction stations allow for maximum power and near-limitless versatility. The MOLE lives by the adage ’many hands make for light work’.