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Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #1

Game: Star Citizen

Product Type: Add-On

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You’ve traveled all around the Stanton System, and you should let the ‘verse know! Now you can, whilst simultaneously providing friends, family, and total strangers with laughs galore! Just slip into one of these “uproarious” novelty tees:

Lorville Blues: Lorville, come for the low wages and leave with a lethal respiratory condition. The Lorville Blues shirt celebrates the iconic, corporate-owned landing zone best seen with a plastic bag over your head.

Stuck at Olisar: The Stuck at Olisar shirt recreates the infamous ASOP terminal screen frequently seen at Port Olisar. Anyone who’s visited this bustling transportation hub can relate to the gnawing fear of seeing this screen appear as a result of Olisar officials clearing abandoned, crashed, or improperly parked spacecraft from their landing pads.

Lost Wallet at Grim HEX: Scoundrel, scalawags, and scum gather at Grim HEX, so show that you’re part of such illustrious company with the Lost Wallet shirt made from comfortable, synthetic cotton.