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Icarus One Holographic Model

Game: Star Citizen

Product Type: Add-On

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Description: The Icarus One transfer station was constructed in 2148 to act as an intermediary stopover point between Earth and Mars. Designed by Pietro Moretti, this sprawling station initially served to accommodate resource haulers transporting goods to aid in the terraforming of Mars. However, once Mars was officially cleared for Human habitation in 2157, Icarus One transitioned into a civilian station for aspiring pioneers, eager to start a new life on the alien world. The Icarus One continued to be one of the primary transfer hubs even after Humanity discovered jump points and expanded into neighboring systems. In 2407, the Icarus One was declared a historical landmark and decommissioned for civilian habitation. The aging station remained in its place until 2657, when Messer V had the station destroyed as a ‘relic of a bygone age’.

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