Star Citizen Terms FAQ

What is a CCU?

Cross-Chassis Upgrade. While once there was a difference between a standard upgrade and a CCU, the "new" ship upgrade tool has streamlined the process. A base ship and final ship are selected and a token is created to be applied to an existing ship. It is common to see an "LTI token" base ship (a cheap ship with LTI) CCU'd up to a desirable final ship as CCU's can be bought and applied using discounted store credit while still retaining the ability to gift them (more here). For this reason sellers can offer ships below store cost while still maintaining profit margins.

What is the difference between a CCU'd Ship and an Original Concept Ship?

There are 3 main differences between CCUed and OC ships:

  1. It's price difference. Could be higher, could be cheaper, but in the majority of situations CCUed ships come cheaper due to 0$-CCUs (those that remain, at least) and various saving CCUs.

  2. OC ships are more versatile in the regard that you are free to melt them and restore from buyback when you'd like. CCUed ships still give you their full melt value but all CCUs applied are lost and only base ship goes to your buyback.

  3. Not always, but OC ships often come with some additional perks like extra ship skin, ship poster, mini-model for displaying in hangar, flying suit etc.

Other than that, for in-game purpose CCUed ships are absolutely equal to OC.

What is the difference between a Warbond item and a Non-Warbond item?

When Star Citizen lists a product on their website, they give you mutliple options to pick from for the single product. The Warbond option can only be paid using new cash which does not include in-store credit. The Regular or Non-Warbond option can be bought with new cash as well as in-store credit.

What is LTI?

Life Time Insurance. From a 2013 CIG info release:

Insurance does not negate the cost of repairing, rearming or docking your ship. It protects your hull in its current condition and does not allow you to explode a beaten up ship to exchange for a fresh one at no cost.

Lifetime Insurance * - Replaces your ship hull in the event of destruction or theft. - Hull is replaced with an identical model in equivalent condition. - Effective indefinitely with no additional in-game fee.

LTI is free insurance on the ship's hull and starting components. Weapons and system upgrades bought post launch will require additional insurance, as will other money sinks like repairs, rearming, cargo, cargo insurance, NPC/crew, docking/hangar fees etc.

LTI can be stripped in game if abused. It will persist if a CCU is applied over top of the original base LTI ship and is maintained when gifted, bought back or transferred in-game.