Creating a Successful Listing

Some tips to get started

Ensure that your listings are accurate and to the point. The point of this market is to ease to buying process for the buyer.

Wording your title

Be succinct. Leave nothing for the buyer to guess, this is your one shot to pull them into your listing.

    Wording your description

    The text of your message should expand on the title, it should not add new important information. Expand on what you've named for sale in the title, don't introduce other items for trade. The bulk of your body text is describing the ship you have for sale.

      Adding appropriate tags

      The tags of your listing are very important as this determines how your product can be filtered.


      The correct tags for insurance, manufacturer, whether it is a ship, vehicle, or land claim and any other extra tags such as ccu (for upgrades or ships that have been ccu'ed)

      A sample listing

      LTI OC Cutlass Black

      Tags: insurance_lti, extras_oc, ship_cutlass-black, manu_drake-interplanetary,

      Price: $120 (This will be the price you would want to receive as we add a 6.5% + $0.30 transaction fee to cover all fees)

        Melt Value: $100

        If you have any further questions or concerns, send a message to our Admins on our Discord server or by filling out our contact form.