Inside Star Citizen: Project Mercury | Fall 2020

Summed up:

  • Mercury Star Runner
    • Known for its two-tone paint. White on the top half and black on the bottom half 
    • Cockpit has a long track that moves the pilot and co-pilot into ready position
    • Cockpit has physicalized buttons that change accordingly whenever you interact with the ship
    • One of the best multi-role ships available
    • Recreation Room has full kitchen and functional chess board
    • Maintenance subdeck beneath the floor for maintenance and smuggling
    • Scanning station is built into its own room which will require a crew member
    • Cargo hold is larger than they originally planned allowing for an URSA Rover to fit inside
  • Spring Report
    • Gas Clouds
      • Planned for 3.12 release
      • In light phase as designers work on color pallet
    • Refinery Deck
      • Light team adding key lights, secondary lights, and shadow casters to add texture and detail to the decks
    • Fire Propagation
      • Gravity and wind direction and speed now play a factor
    • C2 Hercules Interior
      • Grey box phase complete
      • Transitioning to final art phase
    • TONK (Nova Tank)
      • Now in White Box development

Here is the simplified TheNOOBIFIER1337 video:

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