Inside Star Citizen: Interaction in Action | Fall 2020

Summed up:

  • Devs are working on the ability to interact with any item in the game that has a purpose to interacting with it
    • Example: Light bulbs can destroyed as well as replaced
  • Updating interactable control panel
    • Panels might be aware of player permissions to limit or allow certain actions like the ability to open a door to individual players
  • Update on power system
    • Demoed certain situations where alert lights would trigger if certain links were broken in the power system
  • Showed demo of updated surface shader
    • Shows the ability to display iridescent paint scheme as seen on the new Esperia Talon
  • Radar Collection Subsystem
    • Gives the ability to only scan for certain things like minable rocks or ships instead of everything
    • Even has the ability of only a cross-section scan so that it will only scan items in line-of-sight
  • Visual demo of new refinery decks inside of the upcoming gas clouds that should release with 3.12
  • Displayed progress on new homesteads
    • Placed homesteads on surface in a group to form a small village
    • Mentioned that players will eventually be able to build outposts for themselves to use and live in

Here is the simplified TheNOOBIFIER1337 video:

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