Inside Star Citizen: Flight of the Talon | Fall 2020

Summed up:

  • Talon & Talon Shrike
    • Light fighter
      • Agility over raw firepower durability
    • Talon is gun focused
    • Talon Shrike is missile focused
    • Has animations that mimic how birds act
    • Landing gear animation reminds you of a bird
    • Player enters from the front and chair comes out, and down to the ground
    • Has the same display as the Prowler with the screens
    • Ejection capability
      • Ejection pod ejects with you then moves away from you
    • Iridescent skin
  • FPS Weapons
    • Behring FS-9 Light Machine Gun
      • Testing for more realistic muzzle flash
    • Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle
    • Shroud of the Avatar Crossbow
      • In concept
      • Weapons concept team just completed a new pass
      • Carbon fiber skin
  • Aegis Gladius
    • Adding physical components to the ship
  • Aegis Redeemer
    • White box
    • Living area and remote turret areas
  • SDF Shield Tech Testing
    • In testing
    • Used Javelin for testing
  • Environments
    • Polishing planet surface assets for 3.12
    • Demoed ship derelicts
  • Ocean buoyancy
    • Working on per entity buoyancy
    • Mentioned underwater exploration, advanced traversal for resources and recovery missions, and more
  • Touch Bending
    • Update on how entities like grass react to players as they move against them
    • Mentioned that they have to make it work for not only players but creatures as well
  • Homesteads
    • Demoed early internal white box layout for communal module
    • Exploring ideas like storm shutters and vertical traversal options
    • Still in exploration phase, Homesteads have not entered production yet

Here is the simplified TheNOOBIFIER1337 video:


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