Inside Star Citizen: Air of Refinement | Fall 2020

Summed up:

  • Refinery Decks
    • Will allow the player to select which materials they want to refine as well as how they want to refine it
    • Each Refinery Deck has their own capacity
      • The higher the current capacity of the Refinery Deck, the more expensive the refining process will cost
    • Each Refinery Deck will have different refining bonuses for specific materials
    • Jobs can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours based on the following:
      • Amount of material to refine
      • Processing type
      • Current Refinery Deck capacity
    • Refining jobs can be left and will notify the player when the job is complete
    • The player may also stop a refining job to receive the processed materials while having to discard the unprocessed materials of that job
    • After a job is complete, the player is given the option of which ship they would like the refined materials delivered to
  • Weapon Zeroing
    • Certain scopes will be able to offset the conditions that are put on the bullet at range
    • Some scopes have auto-zeroing which is much quicker but prone to fault if a player is slightly off of their target causing range to exceed the desired target
    • Other scopes have manual-zeroing which is less likely to be faulty while taking longer to dial in

Here is the simplified TheNOOBIFIER1337 video:

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