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600i to 600i Exploration

Game: Star Citizen

Product Type: Upgrade

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Let the voyage begin with the 2947 600i from Origin Jumpworks. This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull design that balances performance and versatility in a sleek and timeless form. The 600i is designed with a cutting-edge modular technology, allowing you to customize your ship for your needs. Looking to stamp your name in history with the discovery of a new star system? The 600i's Explorer module swaps the lounge for a robust scanning station as well as additional utility hardpoints to increase the ship's effectiveness even more.


If you don't have an Star Citizen account, click this refferal code STAR-6YWN-DC7G and it will take you to the enlist page so you can get 5,000 UEC.


Acquiring and then applying this upgrade will transform your ship chassis into a different base chassis, while retaining all limited items, access passes and insurance levels contained in your original pledge.

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