Seller FAQ

How can I sell on the Space Foundry Marketplace?

Please see our Complete Guide to Becoming a Seller for detailed information on how to sign up as a verified seller.

What can I sell on the Space Foundry Marketplace?

What types of product are allowed?

Our Star Citizen section allows you to sell your virtual Star Citizen assets for the online Science Fiction game Star Citizen developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) & Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). Virtual items purchased at Space Foundry are exclusive limited use licenses and may be sold in agreement with RSI’s Terms of Service. No physical shipment is required.

We do not allow Account sales on our marketplace. This is due to the amount of risk involved in selling Accounts.

Can I sell physical items?

Physical sale is possible but at this time we are not supporting it. We do plan to start supporting the sale of Physical Items at some point in the future.

What Items may I sell for the online game Star Citizen?

You can sell this content:

  • Gift-able items in your Hangar
    To verify if an item is giftable please click the small '>' button next to each item for details. The item details will unfold and if a 'Gift' button is displayed, your item is transferable and hence sellable. 

  • RSI Store Credits
    Account bound items you own can often be exchanged for RSI store credits, which can then be 'converted' to be sell-able using the following method: Buy a new Aurora ES with Paypal Cash or Credit Card. This Aurora ES can then be upgraded to e.g. a Constellation Taurus or Andromeda. The resulting upgraded ship is then be transferable and can be sold just like other Gift-able items.

  • Items from your Buyback List
    Items in your buyback list can be sold safely & easily. Note that you don't need to buy them upfront, rather you can list them in store and only buy them for transfer once a buyer and your payment is secured. After purchase, you can then deliver your item normally

Note that Star Citizen game accounts may NOT be sold on the Space Foundry Marketplace.

Safety & Security

Is Selling Secure?

We at Space Foundry take customer protection seriously and we have made the protection of buyers and sellers our top priority. We have fraud detection systems as well as all of our transactions are covered by PayPal's Seller Protection. This gives the seller the safety from chargebacks.

Fees & Payment

What fees do I have to expect?

Fees apply exclusively for successful sale of items only, Space Foundry has no fees for listing items or any other services.
The standard consignment fee is 11.5% + $0.55 and is all inclusive, covering Space Foundry's expenses including PayPal transaction fees, Shopify transaction fees, and Seller Payout fees.

These fees are automatically calculated on top of however much you were asking for the item.

How do I correctly calculate how much I'll get for my sale?

All fee calculation is automatically calculated. All you need to do is enter the amount you want to see in you PayPal account into the price input and we do the rest.

Can I get paid via PayPal?

Yes, all of our payments to your sellers is via PayPal.

All you need to do is add your PayPal email as your payment method on the Seller Portal and the rest is done for you.

When will I get paid?

Once you Fulfill the order on the Order Page, the funds will be instantly sent to your PayPal account. There is no delay in getting paid like other sites have.

Sales & Seller Responsibilities

How do I know a product has sold?

Once a new order comes through, you will receive an Email and SMS that you have a new order.
You then have 24 hours to deliver your product.

How do I deliver a product?

Please login to the Seller Portal and find the order on your Order Page.

View the order and if all data is ok, use the button on bottom left to Fulfill the order. This will transfer the funds to your PayPal account instantly. You will then deliver the item(s) in the order to the buyer.

Then you will set the order as delivered on the Order Page. This can be found in the same area as the Fulfill button.

I'm on a vacation and can't deliver items within 24 hours, what should I do?

Please go to the Seller Portal and on your Seller Account activate 'Vacation Mode'. Your products will be disabled until the selected end date which they will all be enabled.